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You will now be able to learn and apply the management of emotions and the emotional intelligence of small children.
The main objective of this interactive virtual course is to teach parents and educators how to develop children’s emotional intelligence. The course is presented in various sections which will progressively teach you the basic concepts and show you animated examples and explanations of common situations.
The course content has been drawn up by a team of psychologists and teachers with proven experience in dealing with children on a daily basis. We have conducted our own research and pooled ideas and concepts concerning emotional intelligence applied to children.
The information obtained was subsequently summarised, analysed and structured in order to present it didactically, taking advantage of the possibilities of the iPad.

The content of the course covers the following points:

1. What is Emotional Intelligence?
1.1. The concept of Emotional Intelligence.
1.2. IQ.
1.3. From IQ to Emotional Intelligence.
1.4. Complete analysis of a person’s intelligence.
1.5. Why Emotional Intelligence is important.

2. Emotional Intelligence applied to children.

3. Different ways of educating within the family.

4. The five basic components of Emotional Intelligence.
4.1. Understanding our own emotions.
4.2. Controlling emotions.
4.3. Self-motivation.
4.4. Recognising the emotions of others and learning to empathise.
4.5. Learning to relate to other children.

5. Criteria and recommended habits in the education of our children.
5.1. The television.
5.2. The computer.
5.3. Encouraging common family situations.
5.4. Encouraging the performance of chores and responsibilities in the home.
5.5. Routines.
5.6. Limits and rules.

6. Conclusions.


– 54 screens of explanatory content: containing pictures, animated diagrams, oral explanations, graphs, interactivity with texts….

– Bilingual application: English and Spanish. Adaptations carried out by professional native speakers. It allows you to change language instantaneously at any time.

– Complete interactive index.